10 Inspirationally Designed Websites and Blogs


1. Creative Web Design Ideas

2. HotDot

3. Follow Bubble

4. Push

5. Built By Buffalo

6. Lilondra Studio

7. Mark Peck

8. Chris Da Sie

9. Mariusz Ciesla

10. WTF


1. Spoon Graphics Blog

2. Cafundo Blog

3. I Love Typography Blog

4. Logo Design Love Blog

5. Veer Blog



Week 8: Portfolio Site

Recently, I was looking through a book I purchased that showcases trends in web design appropriately titled, “Web Design Index By Content .03”. In this book I found a portfolio website for an Italian artist Alvise Nardi. His website is very impressive and features an unmoving background with different pop-up and drop down content areas that appear when links are clicked. While I would usually criticize music playing as soon as you appear on a site I actually didn’t mind his choice of  instrumental music. The only thing that annoyed me was the ping noise that plays every time you click a link. Other than that It is a portfolio website to live up to and very well done.

Alvise’s website: http://www.elvisdesign.it

Week 7: Networking

James linked to a really informative tutorial website: http://bit.ly/1oipEt9

The site has links to a bunch of CSS and JavaScript tutorials that are all really helpful to beginners like us. If you are looking for something even easier they have another article with even more basic tutorials: http://bit.ly/1hzkCZ6. This is a website that you would benefit from visiting often and seeing whats new.

Original Link: http://jry15.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/weekly-post-5-creative-htmlcss/

Week 5: Shared Link (Helpful Tutorials)



Searching for a website that gives you code to do fun tricks with your website is not hard. Finding a website that breaks down and explains the code and doesn’t just give it to you requires a little more digging. http://www.W3schools.com is helpful in this manner and allows you to understand what you’re actually doing with examples and explanations. This way, you can integrate that knowledge into your future website endevors. I found a tutorial that helps beginners like myself with the navigation bar of a website. Check out that tutorial and see what else you can find!

Week 4: Shared Link (Aggregator)



The Behance Network is the most motivational and inspirational artistic website I know. If you’re having a creative block scroll around Behance for awhile and get inspired! On the other hand if you’re having a creative overload create a profile and upload some pieces from your portfolio. Uploading and sharing your own work can help you get feedback on your artwork and possibly land you a job! Enjoy :)

Week 2: History of the Internet

“History of the Internet” is an animated short film documentary explaining the birth of the Internet. I have to applaud the films ability to explain a complex topic in a brief time period without leaving the viewer completely lost and or uninterested. I believe the straightforward animation used is to thank for that. It allowed a novice to the subject (like myself) to get a good initial understanding of the different reasons and needs for a network by different groups. I found the different groups priorities interesting such as the American RAND Corp. focusing on a military network, the English NPL network’s concept of a commercial network, and the French Cyclades network’s concept of a scientific network. I highly recommend everyone that uses the internet to watch!